Ever fell while playing? And when you came home with bruises and swelling, did your grandmother place a hot cloth dipped in water? And did that ease your pain? The advanced and seamless version of what your grandmother did, is Cupping.

To put in everyday words, it is paati vaaidhyam, reinvented. Completely traditional based with roots aging back to not just decades and centuries ago, but estimates say cupping has been here helping humankind for more than 5000 years.

Cupping, they say, had its origin in Egypt and to support the claims, there are even scriptures and descriptions of cupping and related, on the walls, in Egypt, which has sent historians on a hunt to explore. Maybe this was the reason why Egyptian Queens and Women from that era have always been known to be prettier

It developed over time from the original use of hollowed-out animal horns to suck out and drain the toxins out of snakebites, skin lesions, etc. Horns slowly evolved into bamboo cups, which were eventually replaced by glass. Centuries later, therapeutic applications developed with the refinement of the cup itself, and with the cultures that employed cupping as a health care technique.

While historians and other intellectuals do the honors by delving deep for finding out how cupping began, and we, let’s try to restore this traditional and cultural therapy and pass on the same to the generations to come, just like how our ancestors did.

You and I, both have a role in preserving our tradition.


Benefits of Cupping

Stay Healthy and Happy, Inside Out

Hijama or Cupping balances the hormonal imbalance in the body which is necessary for your emotional well-being. If you are suffering from insomnia and stress, it will get easily cured with Cupping. It gives you a feeling of relaxation.

Many people are suffering from chronic fatigue without any presence of psychological or physiological disease — people who undergo Cupping show significant improvement in their fatigue problem.

Push Away The Unwanted

Cupping removes the toxins and stagnant fluids from your body through the blood sucked out. It thus helps your body to return to a healthy balanced state by strengthening the alkaline environment and by removing the acidity. It lightens your back and makes you feel energetic.

Cupping helps to clean and unblock vital arteries. Usually Cupping is carried out on upper body and neck. All our major organs such as heart, lung, brain, and spine are located in this area and thus directly provide benefits to significant parts of our body.

Stay Young, Always

Cupping is excellent for your skin. Cupping or Hijama has anti-aging effects on the wrinkles, sagging skin, and fine lines. It tightens the skin by bringing in more nutrition’s and makes your skin soft and glowing. It gives you an experience of younger skin.

Cure to Ailments

Cupping helps to treat rheumatic diseases such as arthritis and joint pains. Hijama increases the healthy flow of blood with more oxygen, nutrients, hormones vitamins and essential enzymes to the affected area than before.

Strengthen your Inner System

The white blood cells defend our body against germs. These white blood cells engulf the foreign particles and break them down in large numbers helping your body to fight against the viruses, bacteria, and germs causing diseases and infections.

Your body’s immune system increases for fighting against foreign particles. Cupping prevents the viruses, bacteria’s and other harmful pathogens from attacking your body tissues and thus helps you to remain healthy.

Prevents Liver Disease

Cupping removes the stagnant and senile body cells along with the rest of the impurities from the blood. This increases the volume of flow of blood to the liver, resulting in its increased productivity and functionality.

As the liver performs its function with more efficiency and the chances of it contracting any diseases reduce significantly.

And more:

  • Improves memory
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Improves nervous system
  • Sharpens the eyesight
  • Eliminates stress within the body
  • Relieves muscle fatigue
  • Reduces stress and makes you unwind

The list goes on and on. Because Cupping makes and does good to you and your body in so many ways.

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