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Fire Cupping


  1. Gives you deep sleep
  2. Improves blood circulation
  3. Reduction of gastric problem
  4. Relaxation to the mind and brain


The perks of getting Wet Cupping done are internal cleansing, body pain relaxation, internal based problems cured, and more. 

Foot Reflexology

There are approximately 7,000 nerve endings in the human foot and each of them is a reflex point that corresponds to a body part. Reflexologists use special finger and thumb manipulations to stimulate these reflex points


There are countless conditions and symptoms that acupuncture has been said to help with.

Pregnancy Massage

 During pregnancy, regular prenatal massages may not only help you relax, but may also relieve:

  • Insomnia
  • Joint pain
  • Neck and back pain
  • Leg cramping
  • sciatica
  • Swelling in your hands and feet (as long as that swelling isn’t a result of preeclampsia)
  • Carpal tunnel pain
  • Headaches and sinus congestion

Massage Therapy

  • Painful, tight muscles are loosened during this therapy, then helping to promote relaxation and healing of muscle fibers.
  •  Those who are anxious or depressed might feel much more relaxed and positive after this treatment. 
  • Helps to soften the tightened tissues and make them more flexible.
  • Relief from emotional and physical tension.


24 Hour Service
We know that your medical needs don’t stop when office hours are over. Using our help line and our Whatsapp service, you can get a message to your health team when it is convenient for you.
What happens when you don't take care of your health?

 Poor physical health can lead to poor mental health, and poor mental health can precipitate or worsen physical problems, causing a vicious cycle that may be hard to break.
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